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Micro-Coax – Authorized Distributor

Promark Electronics is the Micro-Coax Authorized Distributor for Canada. We distribute and integrate the wide range of Micro-Coax products into our customer applications.

The Micro-Coax brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. For more than 50 years, Micro-Coax has produced transmission line products for a variety of industries. Micro-Coax is the world’s largest semi-rigid coaxial cable manufacturer. Products can be found in systems ranging from military communications, radar, missile guidance and satellites, space, aviation, mobile devices, cellular transmitters and receivers, and a wide range of test equipment.

Flexible coaxial cable

Micro-coax produces flexible coaxial cable to support just about any flexible microwave cable need. Flexible coaxial cables can fit into a tight space without performance loss.


is a complete line of high performance microwave flexible cables. The entire UTiFLEX product line is constructed using a low or ultra low density PTFE dielectric offering excellent loss characteristics, outstanding phase stability, and unsurpassed flexibility compared to standard flexible cables – all without sacrificing mechanical integrity.


is supplied as part of an integrated cable assembly and MICRO-COAX has greatly increased connector reliability through a unique patented connector attachment that withstands mechanical and thermal stresses far better than standard connectors. With UTiFLEX, the connector is no longer the weak link in your flexible cable assembly.


Microwave Coaxial Cables are a family of flexible cables sized to accept connectors designed for semi-rigid cable, thus enabling a wide variety of interconnect possibilities using standard affordable materials. Unlike other single or double braided “RG” type flexible cables, M-FLEX cables are true microwave cables capable of operating to frequencies of 26.5 GHz and beyond.

Micro-Coax M-FLEX can be purchased in bulk on spools or reels and is designed to match the line size of UT-141A, UT-085, and UT-047 semi-rigid cables.

M-FLEX cables are intended for static installations and are not recommended for applications that require extended flexing like a test lead.

Semi rigid coaxial cable

Micro-Coax has developed a wide range of semi-rigid cables, and is not the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-rigid cables.

Micro-Coax Semi-Rigid coaxial cable offers more options than any other cable manufacturer. Cables with a large range of impedances, diameters, materials and finishes. Semi-rigid cable comes as close as possible to the ideal coaxial cable and should be the first choice of any RF/Microwave engineer.

Semi-rigid cable designs optimize dielectric properties and shielding quality. Micro-Coax semi-rigid cable is the best pure microwave transmission medium available in the world. The solid tubular outer conductor yields 100% RF shielding and enables the dielectric and center conductor to remain precisely spaced. This results in optimum impedance control as well as the lowest possible insertion loss and weight to size ratios.

Hand formable coaxial cable

Hand formable, also known as handformable, coaxial cables occupy a position between semi-rigid and flexible cables. These cables are great choices when forming at the point of installation is required. Micro-Coax has available solid aluminium jacketed cables (Alumiline) or tinned-braided cables (UTiFORM).

The Alumiline jacket provides 100% shielding and optimized signal performance just like copper jacket semi-rigid Coaxial cable, while the tinned-braided UTiFORM offers an even more flexible alternative. Both products are built around the same line sizes as standard semi-rigid cables, for Maximum versatility.

Applications served include Space grade, High density, and self-locking products.

Coaxial Connectors (RF)

Micro-Coax coaxial connectors (RF) deliver the high-level of reliability and mechanical integrity. This, combined with impedance optimization yields low-VSWR solutions and stability in the most challenging environments.

Micro-Coax offers solutions to almost every required interface, including: 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, ARINC, BMA, M38999, M8, PN, SC, SMA, SSMA, SMP, SMPM, TNC, TNCA, TK, and Type N.

Space grade coaxial connectors

Micro-Coax provides S-grade or space grade connectors to deliver the premier level of reliability for an environment where failure is not an option.

A reliable, space grade connector is not just an up-screened version of a standard connector. The stability and integrity must be designed-in. Micro-Coax’s understanding of thermal stress, as it pertains to coaxial cable and structures, is a key element in our successful qualification and deployment on a wide range of satellites. This is complemented by our knowledge of out-gassing, multipaction, corona breakdown and thermal modeling.

These connectors are treated with a higher level of process control at almost every manufacturing step: machining, de-burring, electroplating, de-golding and pre-conditioning.

High density coaxial connectors

These high density connectors are designed for microwave performance, delivering stability and low VSWR to frequencies as high as 40 GHz.

Micro-coax offers several different platforms for high density coaxial interconnect:

  • SMP & SMPM Float-mount
  • Size 8 for M38999 circular
  • Size 12 for M38999 circular
  • Size 8 for ARINC
  • M8 for Central Latching Rack & Panel

Self-locking coaxial connectors

Safe-D-LOCK® connectors offer a reliable alternative to conventional self-locking connectors, adhesive compounds or safety wire. The unique design installs quickly without wasting valuable mass or space in the host system.

Conventional self-locking connectors only lock the coupling nut to the back of the male connector. Installation torque, vibration or acceleration can cause the cable to rotate and the self locking mechanism becomes completely ineffective.

Safe-D-LOCK locks to the D-FLAT on the mating connector. This provides a true lock that cannot be compromised when the cable is rotated.

Safe-D-LOCK technology is contained entirely in the coupling nut of the connector. This allows the feature to be easily ported into different implementations, including low-profile, right-angle connectors.

ARACON shielded flexible coaxial cable

UTiFLEX Ultralight Spaceflight and Airframe cable assemblies from Micro-Coax are optimized for aerospace applications. With an ARACON metal clad fiber outer shield, they provide the lightest weight, lowest insertion loss and best radiation resistance in a flexible cable construction.

The cables utilize ARACON for the outer braid, an ultra low density PTFE for the dielectric, and a black TEFZEL jacket. Cable assemblies are manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean room by solder technicians certified to NASA standards.

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