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From industry leading electronics manufacturer, Promark Electronics Inc., ProEV™ was established in response to the transportation industry’s growing need for electric vehicle cable and assemblies. Driven by Promark’s 35 years of experience in creating mission-critical electronic components for OEMs, ProEV™ is made by manufacturers, for manufacturers.

We offer low minimums with no maximums.
We can supply you at scale with lengths over 10,000,000 ft.

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Total Contract Manufacturing

We've dedicated more than 30 years to electronic product development and small electronic parts assembly. We engineer & manufacture top-quality electronic components for various industry applications.

Promark Electronics is an established sub-contract interconnect manufacturer for OEMs, capable of on-shore and off-shore production.

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Agility in the Market for OEMs

Don't lose momentum with long lead times.

Promark Electronics is an industry leading Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider (EMS) that provides end-to-end product life cycle management for OEMs.

Our client partnerships require mission-critical quality electronics within shorter lead times, so they can adapt to the changing demands of their market effectively. We schedule in weeks, not months.

With over 30 years of experience and innovation, we are proud to offer capacity for high volume and high-mix low volume projects, along with guidance on materials and logistics.

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Our End-to-End Process

We specialize in complex interconnect solutions, printed circuit board assemblies, full system assemblies, diagnostic repair and integration, engineering & design.

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We're Certified.

Promark Electronics offers custom products to a wide array of industries and we are constantly working to maintain and earn new product and facility certifications.

We are active members in many local, national and industry associations. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards of operational, manufacturing and environmental efficiency.

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We Manufacture
Interconnect Solutions.

Promark Electronics offers custom products to a wide array of industries and we are constantly working to maintain and earn new product and facility certifications.

  • Cable Assemblies

    No matter the type of equipment, a reliable foundation can make all the difference. Your electronic cable assemblies must be designed and built to perform, with the highest level of quality.

  • Custom Wire Harnesses

    Promark Electronics designs and builds custom wire harnesses that can withstand the most challenging environments and specifications.

  • Control Panels

    Promark Electronics is a specialist in high-quality, repeatable control panel assembly and full box builds. From simple, high-volume assemblies to the most sophisticated custom projects that require multiple levels of sub-assemblies, we’ve seen and done it all.

  • Electromechanical Assemblies

    Electromechanical assemblies and control panels are manufactured by Promark Electronics to the highest standards. Our multi-functional core capabilities enable us to source metals, plastics and electronics to fully complete the assembly.

  • Circular Cable Assemblies

    Many industries, including military, telecommunications, medical, and industrial vehicles require high-density circular cable assemblies that are as tough as they are reliable. Promark Electronics specializes in building custom circular cable assemblies of the highest quality, complexity and reliability.

  • Custom Cables & Connectors

    Promark Electronics manufactures a wide variety of custom RF Connectors and Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies, including RG-58, RG 59, RG 62, LMR, Low Loss, semi-rigid and RG6 coaxial cables in Quad Shield and Tri Shield with BNC, F and other connectors.

We Serve All Industries.

Here are just some of the industries we serve.

Electric Vehicles Sector

We develop and manufacture versatile, high-voltage cable and custom assemblies
for electric and hybrid vehicles at scale.

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  • Aviation

    Custom Aerospace cable assemblies & wire harnesses tailored to your exact needs. Designing and producing custom cables for high demand, mission-critical, power, control and data applications.

  • Transportation

    Interconnectivity solutions that apply to application such as power supply, data transmission, positive train control (PTC) systems, door closing systems, onboard entertainment, and engine control harness.

  • Defense

    We are committed and experienced to support Canadian, US and global defence programs. We are Canadian Controlled Goods (CGP) and ITAR certified. We support the identification, options analysis, definition, implementation and close out phases of defence procurement.

  • Industrial Vehicles

    Electrical systems on heavy equipment and vehicles serving a number of industries and verticals including cranes, tractors, generators, scissor lifts, electric vehicles, buses, personnel carriers and more.

  • Satellite and Microwave Communications

    RF assemblies for communication applications, using semi-rigid and rigid coax materials.

  • Broadcast

    Our design and engineering team support programs for high density high definition connectors, Fan assemblies, Electromechanical assemblies, Fiber optic assemblies and CAT 5, CAT 6 cables.

  • Medical

    Holding industry leading certifications and manufacturing to the maximum dependability standards required for all types of medical equipment and medical applications for critical power, control and data transfer. Diagnostic equipment such as xray screening and MRI equipment, as well as on patient and surgical applications.

  • Mining

    Rugged cable assemblies, wire harnesses and control panels for use in the most harsh environments. Temperature considerations from -50c to +150c push our engineering team to their limits, but Promark is always up to the challenge.

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    Please note that Promark Electronics does not manufacture single units of equipment for personal use. We partner with OEMs for industry applications.