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Industrial Control Panels & Full Box Builds

Promark Electronics is a specialist in high-quality, repeatable control panels assembly and full box builds. With facilities built to handle any request, from simple, high-volume assemblies to the most sophisticated custom projects that require multiple levels of sub-assemblies, we’ve seen and done it all. Some of the industries and sectors we service include the medical industry, the transit industry, rail, aerospace, defense, industrial, broadcast, energy and mining.

Materials sourcing

To ensure your project meets the highest possible standards, Promark Electronics has the capability to source the materials necessary to produce a turn key product. We frequently source: Metalwork, Plastics, Wiring, Cable gland, Connectors, Motors, Hour meters, Switches and Buzzers.

In addition to sourcing the highest quality materials, we can build custom test boxes for repeat orders that electrically test every unit. This enables a repeatable process with exceptionally high levels of precision for each final product.

Production Capabilities

Our ERP system is able to manage every aspect of the production process. Our powerful system ensures BOMs are correctly entered, critical quality control points are achieved, and each operator has been properly trained for their specific task.

We ensure that the entire assembly team understands both their individual and group goals. Prior to mass production, First Article Samples are provided for approval and testing, for each and every control panel & full box build.

Quality Control

Promark Electronics employees have been with us for many years. They are highly qualified, highly experienced and have a unique set of skills. The Promark Electronics team know how to get the job done!

We build the highest quality products, and are always adept to spotting potential problems before they reach the next stage of production. The feedback mechanisms we’ve developed have been designed to maximize collaboration between our team members.

We provide custom dashboards for every group: receiving, kitting, wire cutting and stripping, assembly, quality control and shipping. This enables work orders to proceed fluidly from station to station, while every step and each operator is monitored.

Finished products can be traced to individual operators, who are measured against time estimates to guarantee that every item meets specific quality control, time and cost criteria. Once First Article Samples are approved, our customers are assured that each order placed is identical to the last.

Manufacturing Services Guide

Please refer to our manufacturing guide on control panels and full box builds. This document is intended to help OEMs navigate the process of working with Promark Electronics by outlining critical information we will need to know for our partnership.

Download the Manufacturing Service Guide

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    Please note that Promark Electronics does not manufacture single units of equipment for personal use. We partner with OEMs for industry applications.