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Electromechanical Assemblies

Electromechanical assemblies and control panels are manufactured by Promark Electronics to the highest standards. Our multi-functional core capabilities enable us to source metals, plastics and electronics to fully complete the assembly.

We are uniquely positioned in the industry to offer our clients electromechanical assemblies and control panels that are both high quality and cost competitive. To give our customers the highest performance and aesthetics possible, we can design and source enclosures and control panels out of plastic, sheet metal, die castings or investment castings.

Decreasing Initial Costs

To decrease the initial costs of development and reduce lead times, Promark Electronics can also employ off-the-shelf enclosures or control panels. Our team of engineers and production personnel are highly qualified, enabling us to become your single source for electromechanical assemblies, control panels and electromechanical manufacturing needs.

Our capabilities

We have the capabilities to source precision CNC machined parts, motors, actuators, sensors and metal or plastic components to complete a full turnkey assembly for our customers.

We can quickly adapt to Engineering Change Notices (ECN’s), and provide our customers the security stock of finished goods and raw materials to adapt to their changing supply requirements.

We can produce a single electromechanical assembly prototype in North America, or manufacture large quantities at low costs in Asia.


We are able to produce quality electromechanical assemblies and control panels because we:

  • Have highly trained, experienced production personnel
  • Quality is maintained through our ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
  • Provide UL and RoHS certified products
  • Have experienced electromechanical engineering and design teams
  • In-process inspections at each station
  • 100% final electrical inspections
  • Have Plastics/Metals/Electronic Assembly capabilities
  • Advanced ERP/MRP system with engineering documentation allows us to process multi-level BOM’s easily and efficiently
  • Engineering and design teams assist clients needing more detailed documentation of their control panels or electromechanical assemblies. We complete drawings, create drawings and verify BOM’s are complete and accurate.

Design, Engineering, and Integration

One of the strengths of Promark Electronics is electromechanical manufacturing. It matches the core competency of our manufacturing disciplines and has enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of electromechanical and control panels.

Control panels can be designed with controller apparatus, faceplates, electrotherapeutic apparatus, electro medical diagnostic devices, joystick or crane controller boxes, industrial remote control boxes, or receiving units can be integrated into chassis wire harnesses.

Servicing North America

From our base in Montreal, Canada, we can service clients across North America. Our sales team can handle your requests quickly and efficiently and you can rely on deliveries that are on time, every time. Please call us to request a free quotation and find out how we can make a difference for your business.

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    Please note that Promark Electronics does not manufacture single units of equipment for personal use. We partner with OEMs for industry applications.