Prototyping & Express Production

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Using our years of experience, and skilled workforce, Promark Electronics can quickly work with your team to design a prototype of a pre-production product. We take into consideration application conditions, cost efficiency, lead time and product lifecycle while developing your prototype.

We are able to quickly procure sample wire, cable and connectors to ensure our products will meet your needs in a timely and cost effective manner. In addition, we can provide custom printed heat shrink tags, custom bar coding and packaging to meet your specifications.

Design, Delivery, and Quality Commitment

From design to delivery the Promark Electronics team is there for you to advance your project. Whether it’s discussions on best materials, cost reductions, or lead time required, the environment at Promark Electronics encourages innovation and commitment with every project we undertake.

We can provide very quick quote turnaround and first approval samples. Rapid solutions for assemblies, connectors, harnesses, injection, over-molding and contract manufacturing define the Promark Electronics way. We devote the same attention and standards of quality no matter the size of your order.

Promark Electronics has received and maintained ISO 9001:2008 certification for over 20 years. As well, we are proud to provide CSA, UL and RoHS certified products. We consistently subject ourselves and our products to standards that exceed the requirements for certification.

Technology and Design

New technology has enabled Promark Electronics and our customers to adapt and develop to constantly changing technical environments. In today’s environment new technology employs simulation in all phases of production, from design to final testing. It has resulted in exceptional products that are built faster, smarter and with increased reliability and fewer redesign issues. At Promark Electronics, we’re finding new ways to employ existing technologies, reaching out and implementing new technologies, while at the same time expanding our products to ensure we meet the constantly evolving demands of modernization.

Product Assessment

Product assessment is critical for getting our customers product into operation quickly, as well as reducing NRE and risk. Our accelerated design and prototyping expedites the process by rapidly getting samples to trial assessments prior to production volumes. With years of experience, Promark Electronics has satisfied the needs of our customers with a full range of custom cable, wire, assemblies, connectors, retractiles, harnesses, etc.; all designed and manufactured to exact standards that can be relied on to perform flawlessly.

North American Design & Manufacturing

Built and designed in North America, our products are intended for optimal quality and cost effectiveness. We are proud to be a North American based manufacturer, supporting our local economy. You’ll find Promark Electronics products in a range of applications, in use by ground military communications, industrial equipment, broadcast, RF microwave, maritime and air force communications, sophisticated instruments for aerospace systems and GPS satellites, we strive to exceed the highest expectations. Our capabilities are wide ranging, and we are proud to show it. Ask, and we are likely to have the experience and ability to design and build solutions that you can truly count on.


If you need maximum dependability and superb performance, Promark Electronics has designed this into each and every product we produce. We can design customized cable and connector solutions that can protect against every conceivable field condition. We anticipate the unexpected and design and build with your team, the best possible product for your application.


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    Please note that Promark Electronics does not manufacture single units of equipment for personal use. We partner with OEMs for industry applications.