Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

- Collaborative Robotics & Automation -

Small Electronic Parts Assembly

Promark Electronics is a sub-contract interconnect manufacturer that leverages cutting edge technology to manufacture electronics for original equipment manufacturers. Our on-going strategy revolves around being early adopters of robotics and interconnected software solutions.

Complimenting Skilled Staff

We believe the perfect solution to building complex electronic applications starts with giving our professional staff the best tools on the market, with the rise of industry 4.0 technology we’ve now entered into a new era of collaborative robotics.

Our industry is one of great movement and stride. As a result, we’re always looking ahead and trying to integrate new technology into our own production environment. This is why research into collaborative robots or co-bots has quickly become an important project for our company’s future development.

The Benefits of Collaborative Robotics & Industry 4.0 Advancements

  • Extreme precision assembly
  • Human oversight and delegation of processes
  • Deep analytical data accumulation
  • Machine learning & predictive manufacturing systems (PMS)
  • Manufacturing consistency and efficiency
  • Fully digital ecosystems

Repetitive Tasks

Efficiency in small repetitive tasks is a major key to success in most manufacturing fields, especially when producing and assembling electronics. However, these repetitive tasks often require a high level of dexterity and a keen eye. They can easily become too intensive and monotonous for assemblers to handle.

Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Assemblers

Cost efficiency can make or break any business. This is doubly true for small/medium businesses whose time and money are precious. Cobots create a unique opportunity for increased levels of automation, a rise in efficiency and overall prosperity for any size business.

Internet of Things & Robotics

The oversight gained by the use of robotics governed by IoT systems and sensors is a new playing field of efficiency. This combination of technology creates safer work environments for staff. It also allows the robotics devices to inform each other of key metrics, allowing for self-adaptive automation.

Big Data in Manufacturing

Promark Electronics’ digital ecosystem of connected software solutions allows our clients to stay highly informed on all aspects of production statuses as well as stocking programs. This integration allows our clients to monitor the status of every production stage, keeping them well informed at all times.

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    Please note that Promark Electronics does not manufacture single units of equipment for personal use. We partner with OEMs for industry applications.